Miroslav Tadić (Guitar)) & Yvette Holzwarth (Violin)

Lively Balkan guitar and violin works by one of the world’s foremost classical guitar composers.

“Nana” is an Andalusian lullaby from Manuel de Falla’s Siete canciones populares Españolas. As a Spanish classical composer in the early 20th century, de Falla drew from folklore, dances, and classical music from different regions of Spain. His composition “Nana” was originally written for voice and piano, but has since been arranged for many instrumentations. Here, Miroslav Tadić and Yvette Holzwarth perform their own interpretation for guitar and violin, which opens up in the middle to an improvisation inspired by Flamenco tradition.

“Knitting Lullaby” is Miroslav Tadić’s piece based on the traditional Dalmatian folk song “Majko igla i bičvica.” Written for Miroslav’s long time friend guitarist and luthier Jack Sanders, it features the technique of Flamenco tremolo, echoing the sounds of a mandolin or a human voice.

“Ej ti momče Ohridjanče” is a rousing Macedonian piece in 11/8 meter. It hails from Ohrid, a small town by the Ohrid lake that is known for dozens of churches,  monasteries, and beautiful songs unique to the region.


“Knitting Lullaby”
“Ej ti momče Ohridjanče”