The Da Camera Society has been presenting music in LA for almost half a century. See below for season program covers from 1987 – 2017.

The Da Camera Society has hosted a remarkable diversity of world-class performers, from art music ensembles like the Emerson String Quartet and the Tallis Scholars, to jazz and popular musicians like Billy Childs and Odetta. See below for selected concert programs from the 1980s, 90s, and 2000’s.

The Da Camera Society launched its “Chamber Music in Historic Sites” series in the early 1980s. See below for newspaper reviews of Dr. MaryAnn Bonino’s novel idea which, with the help of the 1984 Olympic Games, quickly caught the imagination of audiences in LA and beyond.

Dr. MaryAnn Bonino founded The Da Camera Society in 1973 as a forum for audiences ranging from “student and professional musicians to those whose principal aim is the enjoyment of musical camaraderie.” We hope to maintain this spirit a half century later! See below for a selection of documents from the Society’s inaugural years.