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The artists

A protagonist of LA’s historical performance scene, Tesserae brings Renaissance and Baroque music to life! The group is joined on January 16 by critically acclaimed soprano Rebecca Myers and Lutenist John Lenti.

Watch our interview with Tesserae founders Alexandra Opsahl and Ian Pritchard for an inside look at this remarkable ensemble.

The program

Tesserae’s Jan. 16 program features music played in the courtesan salons of Renaissance Venice. Such salons were among the liveliest and richest artistic centers of 16th-century Italy and one of the few spaces in which contemporary women could circumvent patriarchal restrictions.

The set includes arias, madrigals, and motets attributed to famous courtesans, and features two of the instruments most central to the Renaissance salon: the lute and the arpicordo.


Following Tesserae’s performance, three talented music students will perform Renaissance and Baroque works for Rebecca Myers, who will inspire them with verbal feedback and musical demonstrations. Join us for this remarkable music lesson!


Optional open-air reception catered by Andrew’s Cheese Shop.


Sunday, January 16
Concert – 3pm
Masterclass – 5pm


Pompeian Room, Doheny Mansion
Doheny Campus
Mount Saint Mary’s University
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$45 – Concert
$85 – Concert and reception
$15 – Masterclass